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Empowering young adults living with disabilities to create a brighter future
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Our Story

Rising Phoenix, supplier of locally sourced products, is a story of coming up from the ashes and rising above fear, challenges and committing to serving our greater community. Having left the corporate sector after 15 years in services a new challenge had to be set.

Being a mom of a special needs child, I had a strong passion to include, as part of my social responsibility, the school leavers of the special needs schools in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. I realised that there is an obligation from business to create opportunities for these young adults and in so doing build our community.

My passion was met, and exceeded, by the founder of the NPO Ability beyond our disability, who is also a mom of a disabled child. Together we have developed a platform that can empower the young adults to also have a future to look forward to.

Our Vision

We are a community-based company that is set on serving our Western Cape community through locally sourced, quality products and emphasis on excellent customer service. Our vision is to be the largest employer for people with disabilities and challenges in the Western Cape and supporting SME business.

We strive to be successful so that we can empower, uplift and support those around us. This way we can build a strong and thriving community together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce exceptional quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service. We will provide custom-made solutions for our clients, with none of the corporate red tape and build strong working relationships with all of our suppliers and customers.

Our Products


Our water is Purified Reverse Osmosis hydrating goodness! We bottle in all shapes and sizes with or without custom design labels. Having the capacity to go from 0 – 40L in a minute no order is too big or too small.

locally sourced purified water
locally manufactured wooden products


Our wooden products are made from single pieces of timber and not pressed
wood which ensures a top-quality product. All pieces are made to order to match your imagination and fit your pocket.

Phoenix Cartel Services

Sticking to our vision, we are creating opportunities where we can offer services to our clients such as product photography, videography as well as laser engraving and cutting. These services give us a platform to offer more employment opportunities within the business.

tax benefit for corporate companies

Support a company that empowers individuals living with a disability.

Corporate companies can claim Section 18A tax benefits when donating to projects through our NPO Ability beyond our disability.

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Local products Cape Town
Locally Sourced Quality Products
Locally manufactured purified water

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